Jessica Neffendorf

Jessica Neffendorf

Jessica Neffendorf

Jessica Neffendorf

Please don’t let others drink and drive, the life you save may be someone you love!

Shane & JessicaJessica Neffendorf is an angel who was struck by a driver under the influence on November 21, 2013. Massive head trauma, broken femur, collapsed lungs, shattered pelvis, ruptured bladder, damaged liver, removed spleen, and more, Jessica is in the fight for her life to survive.

I love you Jessica and will always be here by your side. – Shane Potter

On her way home from school at Oregon State University to her love and future husband Shane Potter, Jessica was making a left turn onto Hwy 20 from Circle Blvd when a vehicle traveling at hi-way speed careened into the driver’s side of her car. A witness on the scene rushed over to Jessica and spoke to her unconscious body ¬†letting her know that someone is there with her. Within just a couple minutes, rescue workers were there and used the Jaws of Life to cut her out of the vehicle and rush her to the hospital which was luckily very close by.

Shane, waiting at home for Jessica to arrive was very concerned when she was nearly 2 hours late and not answering her phone. Jessica’s sister rushed over and got Shane when she heard from the police that her sister was involved in a tragic accident.

Since November 21, 2013 Shane has stayed by Jessica’s bedside at the hospital day and night along with Jessica’s mom and step father and other family members.

Jessica was in the ICU for a month and underwent many surgeries to try and repair her broken body. The man who hit her walked away from the accident (and into jail) after this, his 3rd arrest for DUI.

The medical bills are piling up and the resources needed to support Jessica continue to grow. In an effort to help Jessica and Shane and the family, the Jessica Neffendorf Foundation has been setup to take donations that will be used to for medical bills, support for the family, and to help Shane and his support of Jessica.

Jessica & Mom (Jennifer)

Please help Jessica, Shane, and the family by donating here!

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